When you are so deeply rooted, although all that has once surrounded you has crumbled to the ground, you remain standing, bruised and bloodied perhaps from the violent debris, but still upright, as you gaze out upon the flattened and desolate destruction of what once was, unshakeable.

All may be stripped, but deeply rooted, one thing will always remain, the glimpse and hope of a Kingdom that will never fall.


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The death of one kernel allowed for the birth of many more seeds. If it didn't die, it would remain only one kernel. It wouldn't be as near as effective if it didn't experience death. It wouldn't have been transformed if it hadn't fallen, been broken, been crushed into pieces. What if we allowed ourselves to experience death like one of these kernels? What would happen if we entered into our own brokenness. Allowed ourselves to feel true loss? What would happen if we faced the pain, and embraced the crushing blow of things that need to die within us? Let your losses transform you. Let your deaths resurrect you. If you embrace the process, you will live again. And you will be truly free.


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God reveals himself to us: through his Word, through creation, through our encounters with Him. We can learn of His character. We can see His beauty if we take the time to look more closely. We can experience His love when we accept the mercy we so desperately need.

But those are only glimpses, revelations. His Spirit lives within us, while his presence echoes in the furthest expanses of space and time. So near, yet so far. As knowable as a close friend, while utterly incomprehensible. If we understood Him, He would cease to be God.

So let go of your striving and dwell in the sweet mystery of a God that is only Good.

We can find childlike delight as we proclaim, "God, I have no idea what you're doing!"