A semi-truck jackknifed and ran over my car. That moment - encapsulated by metal, glass, and pavement, suspended between the earth and the sky, became the catalyst for the work that engulfs me. My work is preoccupied with the essence of human transversion. I investigate physical, social, psychological and theological constructs of our human existence as we navigate a world in flux. The psychology and physiology of regeneration (resilience) in tandem with cacophonic environments interest me. 

The work rests in duality as I ponder what is and the possibilities of becoming. I stage environments suspended and void of time. For me adversities are human connecting points. I see my process as acts of intercession and networks of human connectivity. The work catalyzes hope and promotes empathy, endurance, and peace through experiential expression. 

In this selected body of work some of the adversities abstracted include: natural disaster, medical diagnoses, auto accident, relationships, loss, trauma, and pain.

Hart’s current series invites prayers and thanksgivings from friends and strangers. These abstract works painted with natural matter are influenced directly from text and imagery taken from personal, social media, and other outlets. Some works are time-stamped with specific notes to persons encountered trauma or adversity. The first works of this series was exhibited in a group show “Escapeism” in early 2019 at Atlantic Gallery in NYC’s Chelsea art district. A body of this work is currently on view in Durham, NC at her recent solo show “Pieces: A Paradoxy.” Hart’s painting processes are acts of intercession and a bridge for human connectivity, catalyzing hope in individual and shared adversities.

Hart, Krystal. “‘Live in the Already’ He Used to Say. 2338 hr.”

Hart, Krystal. “Though Mangled She Mingles.”

Hart, Krystal. “4:10pm Dawn from Death.”

Hart, Krystal. “Heartstring.”



Krystal Hart is a North Carolina native. Hart received her BFA from New York Institute of Technology and is a distinguished recipient of various honors and residencies, including a 2007 Chair Person Fine Arts Award, a 2009 and 2012 Limner Society Residency, a 2011 and 2017 NC Regional Artist Grant, and the 2018 Mass MoCA Masters of Abstraction Workshop in Residency. Hart has a passion for serving her local and global community. Her work often provides a platform for cross-culture and cross-community experiences of a shared human condition. Her aim at shifting perspectives towards restorative and regenerative communities motivates some of her noted exhibition participation.